Assessing a Sourcing Agency for Your Support in China

Oct 12, 2013

Many companies rely on using support from sourcing agencies to handle their supplies in China.

For those companies just started to select such a partnership, a very wide range of different sort of agencies are out there for consideration. We hereby offer a score card as a guideline for your assessment.

To have a successful and consistent flow of importing, you would need a full range of support from sourcing to operations. You don’t expect this from individuals who work alone and who are not able to  maintain a consistent service standard.

For rendering such full sourcing support in a professional manners, an agency should have its standard processes, well trained and stable staff in the multiple disciplines, experience and know-how on the products your company is dealing with and ideally a host of proprietary tool sets to support the tasks.

In your interview with your candidates, learn from them about these four important components that construct a well functioning agency.

Assessing Sourcing Agencies