Leadtime for Consumer Electronic has Increased

Apr 13, 2018

The clients in consumer electronic business have been experiencing lengthened and missed leadtime for their orders since 2017. Prices of some of their products have drastically increased too.

The electronic components market is adjusting itself to meet the increased demand from more optimistic consumers in the west and a great leap of smart devices.  Capacitors, memories and power components are among the most sought after parts.  If they are not in stock and you want to order them for your product, the leadtime can be up to a few months or even over half a year in extreme cases.

Buyers of component fight their ways to get the scarce resources. Distributors of parts widen their margin. In some cases, mosfet parts or modules(components widely used in power circuits) increase a few folds.

In the sourcing and purchasing components,  planning early and ordering early is always key to stay on top of the business.