Cosmetic Packaging Sourcing Trade Shows in China

May 04, 2013

We recently received invitations from some partnering packaging manufacturers to visit their booths in an important trade show for cosmetic products in Shanghai, China Beauty Expo.

As one of the key trade shows for cosmetics industry, China Beauty Expo exhibit finished cosmetic products, materials and packaging. Equally important is the Guangdong Beauty Expo held in March every year in alliance with Cosmos.

There are two other similar tradeshows that are worth noting:

This show is annually held in Hong Kong in November. They are holding this year’s fair from Nov 13th to Nov 15th. It is a leading cosmetic fair in Asia and has been around for 17 events.  Packaging is one of their sections.

They work with Cosmoprof and annualy have two events in Guangzhou, China. There were quite a lot of options in plastic packaging and a decent list of glass suppliers too.  They have held 35 events since their establishment.

Visitors to these trade shows will see manufacturers around the country of varying sizes and competence. From our experience, some exhibitors even have their business license discontinued right before the trade show. Some important leading companies may not even attend these trade shows as they don’t think the trades shows will bring them more business or the visitors are their targeted prospects.

With luck you can meet with good potential sources that meet your selection criteria. It will require your due diligence after the trade shows to follow up with them, verify their information or paying them a visit.

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