Exhibitors of Canton Fair Express Confidence on Export Market

May 01, 2013

Chinese export reportedly increase 18.4% over the same period of last year. There’s a very apparent feeling on behalf of the exporters that there’s a significant increase of visitors and potential sales agreements, according to a Sohu reporter.

As shown by the statistics as of the end of the first phase of Canton Fair, the total of visitors totaled 100,000, an increase of 10.5 on the same phase of 2012.

Many export enterprises said that they feel the export demand has bounced back. Since February of 2013 they have received more orders than the previous year. However, there’s still very fierce international competition.

“The supply chain of our industry has been improved.”, said a tablet manufacturer, “More components than before are now purchased locally. This significantly reduce our costs.”.

According some of the exporters interviewed at the trade show, the increase of raw materials has slowed down but the labour cost is still having an annual increase rate of 10%. A electric switch factory from Fujian said, China’s export business can no long rely solely on labour cost advantage but we should invest in equipment and train our workers with more advanced skills.

A bicycle manufacturer from Suzhou spoke about the impact of the currency fluctuation on his business, not long ago the exchange rate was 6.22. It has now dropped to 6.17. His profit was reduced resulting from the depreciation of the USD against CYN the Chinese currency.