The unique ID detection device carries out bio-metric identification, tag card identification and body temperature detection (extended function) for the people entering the device for identity verification and body temperature screening. People can passed the detection only if the identity is matched, body temperature is normal, and one identification card is carried. In case of no cards, multi cards, replacement cards, abnormal temperature or other situations, the on-site audible and visual alarm shall be given to stop in time for ensuring standardized management.

The product design is based on iris biotechnology, face recognition technology, RFID radio frequency technology, thermal imaging temperature measurement technology (non-contact mode), and integrates the network communication technology, computer technology and other technologies into one unique identification device with the purpose of keeping the safety and monitoring the people who are entering or leaving a building, a county or campus, etc. at the entrances or exits.

The unique ID identification device adopts the design concept of “integrated machine” detection door. The people entering or exiting the place monitored conduct “security inspection” according to the specified steps, like in the special period of COVID-19. According to the test results, the gate is directly controlled and the attendance scene picture is captured. The overall passing speed is fast, the attendance efficiency is high, and the data is reliable.

The unique ID detection function refers to the detection of the following situations on site. If it is not successful, voice alarm, that is, on-site monitoring.

  1. No identification card;

  2. Carrying an identification card but it is faulty;

  3. Carrying more than one card belongs to “multi card” behavior;

  4. Carrying only one identification card, but not my own card, belongs to the act of “carrying card for others”;

  5. People with abnormal temperature.

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